Supplementing with magnesium oil has many benefits as close to two thirds of the population are deficient. Magnesium is a vitally important mineral as it is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Many people are deficient due to modern farming practices which deplete the soil of this vital mineral. Also people don’t drink mineral rich water, and most water sources often contain flouride and chemicals which affect absorption.

Getting magnesium transdermally is the best way to supplement with this mineral as it is easily absorbed through the skin. Those with leaky gut or poor digestion will benefit tremendously as they are likely getting little magnesium.

By supplementing with magnesium it can benefit those with fibromyalagia and chronic fatigue syndrome by lowering stress and muscular pain and fatigue. Muscular pain and fatigue is a common symptom of magnesium deficieny and by using magnesium oil can help alleviate the pain. Magnesium has a calming affect on the mind as well which helps in times of stress. It can help lower anxiety as well which can sometimes be a sign of magnesium deficiency.

The oil can be used in sports and training to recover faster from injuries and enhance performance. Supplementing with magnesium has been shown to help with blood pressure, migraines, diabetes, fatigue, chronic pain, insomina and mimizing asthmatic attacks. Weight training often takes a heavy toll the body and magnesium oil can be used to get better results from training. By using magnesium oil it can also help with achy and worn out joints and ligaments.

Magnesium helps with the metabolism of the body and helps with the absorb fats, carbohydrates and nutrients into the tissues of the body.

A benefit that many people find is not needing to use deodorant or not as much, finding their sweat to not stink or not as badly. The oil can be used as an deodorant as well. Magnesium chloride flakes (made to make the oil) can also be used in a bath for a rejuvenate and healing bath. When the oil is used in massage can help increase blood flow and detoxifaction.

It been shown to benefit those that suffer from baldness may benefit from magnesium oil. It can be sprayed on the scalp and areas that are starting to bald. Calcification and inflammation often cause baldness which can be alleviate with the use of magnesium oil.

Metabolic problems, obesity and being overweight is sometimes linked to magnesium deficiency, by using magnesium oil it may help those with weight problems lose weight.


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