Have you ever thought that you cannot sleep properly at night because you are not eating right? Insomnia can develop from bad or deficient eating habits, notably from lack of calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Other vitamins that may cause insomnia are folic acid, vitamins A and D and vitamin B5.

If you are deficient in one or more of these nutrients, you will probably not be sleeping properly, and are most likely feeling tired throughout the day.

Try and analyse your exact symptoms to determine if you are effectively lacking in one or more of these nutrients, and you will probably find the missing ingredient!

An result of deficiency in vitamin A besides insomnia, is brittle and dry hair and night blindness. If you do suffer from any of these symptoms, then you probably are lacking in vitamin A.

Once you have managed to pick out which nutrient you need to compensate for, you can purchase mineral or vitamin supplements to re-integrate the nutrient missing. It is important at this stage to choose carefully. Not all products have the same values and offer reasonable quality. Most supplement products have a broad-spectrum of multi-vitamin and mineral content; you should look for those, which are more specific for your personal needs. Check the list of ingredients and values, which will give you the recommended dosage and the percentage of a determined nutrient that particular product contains.

While supplements are a good solution to help your body absorb the vitamins or minerals it is lacking in, you should also re-organize your dieting habits. A well-balanced diet alone, should give you the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy lifestyle, and avoid any unpleasant condition or fatigue. While it is true that, at times our body requires more of a determined nutrient, due to cold weather, increased stress conditions or other variant factors, we should be able to cover our daily needs if we eat properly.

For the next two weeks plan your meals by including enough fruit and vegetable types, lean meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Vary each day, in order to eat different food types. Drink plenty of water, you will be surprised at the high mineral content water can offer and drink fresh fruit juices, which also contain plenty of vitamin C, A and other fundamental vitamins.

Be consistent and patient, you will notice the results after a few weeks, so do not expect miracle results. Our body needs time to assimilate and adapt to its new eating habits. 
If you are eating properly, you will soon notice the difference. If you still feel the fatigue after a few weeks, you can then opt for vitamin and mineral supplements to help you through this phase.

It is important to note that organic food will offer higher percentages of nutrients than other regularly grown food types.

There are many natural remedies and correct eating habits we can use to cure our many disorders, do not turn towards drugs that will only add further problems to the ones you already have.


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