Are you up at night worrying about your finances? If so, you are not alone. The National Sleep Foundation reported in its “2009 Sleep in America,” report says that more than one-third of Americans are losing sleep due to worries about the economy. This article is Part One of five steps to intuitively guide you on dealing with your insomina.

1. Identify the threat or danger and determine if it is real. In the middle of the night it is hard to put our fears in perspective. Writing them down is the best way to determine what is real or not. If you haven’t paid your rent or mortgage in a couple of months then the risk of you being evicted or foreclosed is quite real. If worrying about losing your job is keeping you up then you can ask your intuition if there are any steps that you can take to prevent that from happening. Taking a pro-active stance goes a long way to help us change from feeling like a victim to being enpowered to make the necessary changes. Maybe, the things you need to do are within your grasp but you have to allow yourself to free your mind to access options that aren’t always obvious. One client who was facing the risk of being homeless asked her intuition to guide her in the journey. She was directed to talk to a neighbor who lived alone. It turned out the other woman desperately needed someone to take over the momentous task of cleaning out a cluttered filled basement and garage to prepare her home for sale. The two of them worked out an arrangement. Swallowing our pride and asking for assistance is a big step in being able to allow our intuition to guide us to the right outcome for our lives.

2. Make a conscious choice how to best handle the situation. Talking about the issue with a trusted friend or family member is crucial. Don’t wait until the sheriff’s police are knocking at your door to act. The bigger a problem feels inside of us the harder it is to hear our intuition to know what action we need to take. Our emotions are our emotional guidance system and when you stay in fear it is hard to hear your inner voice.

3. Think of the worry of fear as a signal from your body alerting you to a possible threat or danger. Like an overprotective mother, our body is designed to make us aware when things are out of balance. Often, we don’t know we are fully capable of facing whatever challenges present in our lives and our best intentions get lost in the emotional turmoil that presents when we aren’t able to sleep.

Read Part 2 of this article to find out the most important step in intuitively guiding yourself when facing insomnia.


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